Review Policy/Rating Scale

Review Policy/Rating Scale
I will be reviewing many, many books but would love to review any book, including Advanced Copies, if authors so desire it. They can be sent me electronically or through the mail (at author's or publisher's expense please). I have Nook for Android and Kindle for Android on my phone plus I can read .pdf documents on my phone or computer.
I, currently, am reviewing books that I purchase for my own library or books I get from the local library, along with some books that I've won and several books that I have started getting from wonderful authors.

For genres, please see my bio or "About Me" sections. The genres listed aren't all encompassing so please contact me before writing me off as a reviewer. :)

I can be contacted at Saphsbookblog(at)gmail(dot)com

My Rating Scale

I rate my books on a 5 point scale:

 - Absolutely loved it!  Would recommend it to anyone (within the age group that it was written for).  This book left me wanting the next one (if it's part of a series) immediately.  I would read it again too (if I didn't have 8 million other books to read and review).

- Great book!  It flowed smoothly with a great plot and great characters.  I would recommend it to certain people who liked the genre.  It may not be for everyone but those who do read it won't be disappointed.

- An alright book.  There were some slow spots but once you got beyond them the book was good.  I would continue to read the series (if it was part of one) and I would read more by the author.

- Not the best I've read.  It wasn't a terrible book but it doesn't warrant rave reviews. I may off-handedly mention it to someone but other than a quick review on my blog, I probably wouldn't spend the energy to talk about it.

- Ugh!  This book just didn't appeal to me and what I like to read about.  In extreme cases, this category will include a book I absolutely couldn't even finish.  Please remember that this book may be a 10 to someone else but to me it just doesn't cut it.  If I re-read it at a later date I may post an edit to the review if I feel it warrants one.

I won't rate anything a zero!!

New Information As Of June 8/2012:  
If I've been provided a copy of an author's work and it doesn't suit me (for ANY reason) I reserve the right to not post a review on my blog.  I will, in turn, email the person that requested the review, politely thank them for contacting me, and regretfully decline to post the review.