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Novella Review ~ Confession (Bayfront Billionaires, Book #3) by Calista Fox

Bayfront Billionaires, Book #3
Calista Fox

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100 Shades of Sin...

Delicious and hot, the seductive Bayfront Billionaires need one thing, and one thing only: the woman made for them, the one woman on earth who can complete their trio of passion and desire.

Billionaire business partners Devon McMillan and Morgan Presley have spent the past two years on opposite coasts after nearly crossing a forbidden line during one of their steamier ménages. But when a tempting business offer brings them back to their hometown, something even more tempting will distract them both—their childhood best friend, Fallon Carteris. The years apart have done nothing to temper their scorching desire for her, and these billionaires will do whatever they can to bring her to their bed.

Fallon has never been able to decide which man she desires more, nor could she ever choose between them—and quickly learns she doesn’t have to. When Fallon confesses she’s always wanted the two men, they both pursue her. As the love triangle heats up, their emotions become as entangled as their bodies. But is their love strong enough to keep their threesome together?

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Publication Date: February 7, 2017

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Confession is the story of three childhood friends, Fallon Carteris, Devon McMillan, and Morgan Presley, who, after some time apart, reconnect at a club jointly owned by Devon and Morgan.  After the sexual vibes between the three fly off the charts, Fallon and Devon have steamy night together...and shortly thereafter, Fallon and Morgan do the same.  When Devon and Morgan finally deal with the "almost-ménage-gone-wrong" scenario, they find themselves lusting after Fallon.  Fallon, in turn, divulges her secret desire for Devon and Morgan.  After that revelation, all bets are off.  Can the trio live happily-ever-after?

Confession is an engaging story about a love triangle involving shared love instead of  a love triangle involving a lover who is competing with a rival for the love of the third person.  Fallon, Devon, and Morgan are all strong characters on the outside.  Each person, however, has their own vulnerabilities hidden away, making them human and people the readers will be able to relate to (except for the billionaire part, unless you are, indeed, a billionaire). 

The novella did have some unbelievable moments; not in the " surprise!" way, but in the "shake your head" way.  Fallon's sexual experience, or lack thereof, made her use of toys and acceptance of Devon's preference, along with taking both men at the same time a little hard to believe.  Fortunately, even with the disbelief running in my head, the author wrote the scenes and dialogue in a way that doesn't make them uncomfortable.  Other than that, I found the novella to be fast pace, steamy, and, at times, emotional and romantic.

I voluntarily read a copy of Seduction provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley.

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