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#Brangelina and why romance is so much better by Eva Lefoy ~ Blog Tour for Sexy to Go Halloween Box Set ~ Includes 9 Sexy Stories

Please welcome Eva Lefoy to the blog today!!

#Brangelina and why romance is so much better
by Eva Lefoy

The world is still reeling from the announcement that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt but I think romance readers and writers take the breakup of star-crossed lovers like these the hardest. That’s because we are always rooting so hard for the hero and heroine to get together in the first place that of course we want to see them STAY together. Forever. Love is supposed to last, right?

Of course, Brad and Angelina aren’t the only stars to break up. What about those star crossed vampire lovers Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? I swear their parting shattered millions of Team Edward hearts around the globe. Readers and movie goers had fallen in love in with those characters, and with the actors too. Their love seemed the perfect fairy tale.

There are many other celebrities whose breakups took us by surprise. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Sean Penn and Cherlize Theron – they appeared to really get each other – Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. Heidi Klum and Seal. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. The list goes on.

I think though, in the back of our minds we wonder, what problems did these famous celebrity couples have that really compare to the trials a romance book throws at two people? Did they really have to overcome such high odds in the first place? Was their love ever tested in any of the following ways?

·         Did the heroine discover the hero was a vampire or werewolf?
·         Was the hero a bad boy loner who fought to save the heroine’s life?
·         Is Mr. Hero a former Navy Seal who’s lost too much?
·         Is one of them a fallen angel, or worse, a demon?
·         Were the lovers from two different planets?
·         Do they find out they’re (gasp!) step siblings?

Seriously. The real life couples do face some daunting odds – such as overcoming the trappings of celebrity life – but most of their problems are just like our own. Romance. Kids. Life. Parents. What to eat for dinner. We hope that they, and ourselves too, form a deep and attached love. Sometimes, though, the love stories we read in books are – literally – forged in fire.

So keep reading! We like stories with impossible obstacles to overcome and we like our love hot and there’s nothing wrong with that. I bet you Brad and Angelina could have learned something from J.R. Ward. Don’t you agree?


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Excerpt - Daughter’s of Astra: Jolie’s Pirate by Pamela Moran:

Halfway to the other side of the room, Locke stopped.
A flutter of activity near what he assumed to be a service door parted the mass of people and Raine entered the room. Behind her, a black-haired vision in deep blue, multi-layered flowing skirts, and a low necked, lacy black blouse, followed.
She’d pinned dangling jewels in her black hair, jewels to catch the light with each movement of her head. Matching jewels swung delicately from her ears, from the long necklace draped over her full breasts. Those jewels even hung from the low slung belt hugging her hips, to slip in and out of the folds of her skirts as she glided across the floor on slim feet encased in the thinnest of sandals, also encrusted with jewels.
Her low, husky laugh jumbled everything up inside him.
Froze him to the spot.
“Jolie’s quite gorgeous, isn’t she?” A man’s conspiratorial voice jerked him out of his trance.
“Quite.” A spike of — What? Jealousy? — flared hot in Locke’s chest. With a subtle shake of his head, and a sideways glance, he sized up the stranger. Almost as tall as Locke, the man’s shoulders were wide, his chest deep. In spite of the perfectly fitted business suit, the stranger would be formidable in a fight. “All the Kincaid ladies are quite beautiful.”
“Yet each so different.” The man’s dark gaze lingered on Raine, narrowed when another man held her hand then brought it to his lips to kiss the back.
Interesting. Was that what jealousy looked like? 

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Miranda is freaked out by the weird happenings in her new house. Her husband Zac thinks it’s all in her head—moving stress and creepy Halloween decorations sparking an overactive imagination. Is Miranda crazy? Or is her fear justified?

Snowbound by Tara Quan

A naughty frost witch challenges an earth mage to a snowball fight. One of them gets spanked. Find out who!

Daughters of Astra: Jolie's Pirate by Pamela Moran

Jolie has enough on her plate without having to deal with a black cat, a sexy pirate, and an ancient prophecy. Can Locke help her separate fantasy from reality or will he forever remain in another realm?

Charity's Fortune by Daisy Banks

Halloween is time the young people of the county can get together without too much attention from their elders. This night the courageous will find out their future. Charity Burbage isn’t brave but she is willing to let Joe Anderson help her discover all she might need to know.

Made New by Eva Lefoy

Hoping to bring back her sexiness, Dr. Frankenstein creates a new body for his aging wife, but his plan goes awry when she creates a new lover of her own.

Shattered by Shiloh Saddler

Imagining fame and fortune, Elliot Giles ventures out on Halloween determined to capture a photograph of the supernatural. When he meets the vampire, Rafe, they strike a deal, but is it for more than he bargained?

Cat Eyes by Haley Whitehall

Opal Rinehart's beloved black cat Alastair isn't exactly the pet he appears. On Halloween his binding spell is broken and they form a deeper connection on a human level.

My Monster, my Dom by Eva Lefoy

When Victor’s creation demands a mate, he turns to a renowned explorer for help, ignorant of the famous man’s preference for BDSM. With his assistance, Victor opens up to his submissive side and lets the monster wield control.

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About the Author Eva LaFoy:

Eva Lefoy didn’t drop off the hay wagon yesterday but she sure comes up with wild ideas. So she created Sexy to Go to showcase different authors’ works (and her own) and bring them to new readers all over the globe. She lives in Washington state where when she’s not writing, she’s hiking and drinking tea.

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