Saturday, September 24, 2016

Book Review ~ Between Love and War by Sheri Velarde

About the Book:

After the Fall, Ares spent a thousand years searching for his lost love Mania. Thinking he had lost her forever, he settled into the life of a mercenary here on earth. Then the fates, and his sister the goddess of love, showed him Mania was alive and well. He travels to London hoping to regain what he had thought lost forever. 

Mania had spent a millennia as a wraith of madness before slowly starting to rebuild herself into a new and independent woman. Art had been her outlet and her savior. Then one night her world is turned upside down when her old love walks back into her life. Can she love him again and still remain the woman that she had become? 

Unbeknownst to both of them a mysterious organization is lurking in the background and threatening to unravel the lives of all the gods on earth.

My Review:

Many years ago, the gods we learned about in mythology were cast out of Heaven during Zeus' hostile takeover of the heavens, known as The Fall.  In that time frame, Ares and his love, Mania were separated.  Stripped of their intense powers, these gods were left to flounder in a world quite different that what they all were used to.

Ronan, who is actually Ares, the God of War, is currently in London awaiting the reappearance of his love, Mania.  She has been MIA on earth for 2,000 years, keeping herself hidden away until recently.  Ronan called in a favor to his nephew Eros who quickly tracked down Mania's current location and pseudonym, Maia Dempsey.

Unaccustomed to being with any of her "kind," Mania is surprised to find Ares standing the art gallery currently displaying her work.  Her reaction was typical of someone caught off guard.  Not wanting to rush into a re-acquaintance with Ares, Mania asks for time to get used to the idea.  

In the meantime, someone is tracking down the fallen gods and goddesses.  They are being kidnapped one by one by a nefarious organization.  Those involved threaten to expose the gods and goddesses to the world which will have disastrous results.

Between Love and War is a short story about finding your long lost love - even if it takes you 2,000 years.  Ronan (Ares) and Maia (Mania) have great chemistry. It does take Maia a small amount of time to let herself remember the feelings she had for Ares.  Both Ronan and Maia are well written, well developed characters.  

Many gods and goddesses have cameos in the story.  They are well placed and not just tossed in as fluff or story fodder. These secondary characters have purpose within the pages.  The best conversation in the entire story happens between Ronan and his sister, Aphrodite. 

I enjoyed this quick, engaging, and romantic short story.

Review copy provided by the author, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.
Please note that this review is for the 2015 release of the short story.

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