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Book #Review: Megan’s Mates (Wolf Clan Shifters, Book Two) by Ann Gimpel

Megan’s Mates
Wolf Clan Shifters
Book Two
Ann Gimpel

Dream Shadow Press
55K words

Release Date: 4/18/16

Genre: Shifter Ménage Romance

One virgin + two wolf shifters = e-reader ecstasy.

Book Description:

Calgary, Alberta 1936

After witnessing what might’ve been a murder, Megan is frantic to escape the Garden of Eden cult, so she catches the night train north out of town. Her lifetime commitment to the cult may well be her death sentence, but she’s not sticking around to let them frame her.

Wolf shifters, Les and Karl, eke out a primitive existence on the flanks of the Canadian Rockies. Between Hunters who want to kill them and a wildfire raging out of control, they’re glad when Jed, their clan leader, shows up. And even more delighted when they see who’s in his car.

Jed’s mate, Alice, spied Megan by the side of the road looking lost and desperate and offered her a ride. Before Jed’s car even stops rolling, Les and Karl know she’s their mate. So skittish she’s barely willing to exit the car, Megan busies herself helping Jed and his pack mates unload supplies. Can Les and Karl convince her to join her life to theirs? If she does, will the risks she faced as a cult member pale in comparison to being mated to shifters?

My Review:

Megan is on the run after watching her cult execute a woman while under extreme cases of bloodlust.  Trying to get as far as she can from them, Megan finds herself in a small town in the middle of the night.  Covered in hay, Megan is surprised when a woman in a car of three men stop to help her.  She, for some reason, can't help but be drawn to them.

Alice, Jed, Bron, and Terin are on their way to check out the urgent situation at Les and Karl's place - a raging forest fire and Hunters in the area.  When Alice spies a blonde woman along side the road, her matchmaking tendencies go wild.  Able to convince Megan to seek shelter with her and her men, Alice changes the lives of not only Megan but Les and Karl.

I enjoyed Megan's story in the Wolf Clan Shifters series.  The story was novella length and did a spectacular job of keeping me engaged.  The F/M/M menage was tastefully written.  The interactions between Megan, Les, and Karl were cute at the beginning - like anyone's first date with a stranger.  The men were eager to please and not just in a sexual way.  I enjoyed seeing Alice and her Alphas in Megan's Mates.

I have yet to read a book from Ann Gimpel that isn't written well or exciting.  Her weaving of stories and tales makes for great entertainment and when I start a book, it's hard to put it down.  I highly recommend all of Ann Gimpel's books.

The steamy sections of the book certainly make this for readers 18 y/o + only.  

Review copy courtesy of the author at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


Alice’s Alphas
Wolf Clan Shifters
Book One
Ann Gimpel

Dream Shadow Press
Release Date: 3/29/16

41K words

Genre: Shifter Ménage Romance

One virgin + three wolf shifters = e-reader ecstasy.

Book Description:

It’s 1936. Thirty-year-old Alice has given up on finding a husband. Between civil engineering and mountain climbing, her interests are so masculine, she scares men away. A poor route choice strands her—lost, hungry, and scared—next to Lon Chaney’s cabin deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Jed senses a woman stumbling down the steep, inhospitable mountain behind his borrowed cabin. Her scent tantalizes and excites him. Mates are scarce these days, and if his nose is right, she’s his fated one. His and his two pack mates, that is, who are mercifully gone at the moment. Jed crafts a careful strategy, knowing the mate bond might not be enough to convince her to stay once she finds out it will link her to all three of them—forever.

Alice adds Jed to her list of problems when he melts out of the shadowed darkness. At first she declines his offer of help, but he keeps talking until she ends up inside the cozy log cabin in front of a roaring fire. His skilled hands and a shot of whiskey heat her blood to molten, and her carefully tended world explodes into desperate hunger to make love with the man rubbing her weary feet.

As caught up in lust as Alice, Jed takes a chance. A big one. Will mating with her before disclosing everything turn out to be a huge mistake?

Sophie’s Shifters
Wolf Clan Shifters
Book Three
Ann Gimpel

Dream Shadow Press
66K words

Release Date: 5/2/16

Genre: Shifter Ménage Romance

One spirited woman + three coyote shifters = e-reader ecstasy.

Book Description:

Late 1930s, California.
The winds of change are blowing hard as shifters gather deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a war powwow. Tempers run high as they argue their next move.

An unexpected attack from more Hunters than they’ve ever seen forces their hand, and Blake, alpha for the coyote clan, fights alongside his brothers. He’s grimly pleased when every single one of their enemies is finally dead, the bodies chucked into glacial crevasses.

Sophie Laughing Wolf tracked her hated brother into the mountains. Gifted with foreseeing, she wants to make certain he ends up just as dead as he was in her vision. When the large group of men he’s with are set upon by shifters, mythical dual-natured beings who can take animal forms, she hides, calling on earth power to shield her.

It doesn’t work. Two shifters, back in their men’s bodies, haul her from her hiding place once the battle ends and drag her before their chief. He spares her life—for now—but she senses the animosity the others have for her. They see her as a threat, a witness to multiple murders.

When the mate bond strikes, she fights its pull. So does Blake. He can’t believe the gods would be so cruel as to bind him and his lieutenants to a woman with blood ties to Hunters—their ancient enemy. She runs from her fate. So does he, but the bond burns bright, transcending everything.

Meet the Author:

I'm basically a mountaineer at heart. I remember many hours at my desk where my body may have been stuck inside four walls, but my soul was planning yet one more trip to the backcountry.

Around the turn of the last century (that would be 2000, not 1900!), I finagled a move to the Eastern Sierra, a mecca for those in love with the mountains. Stories always ran around in my head on backcountry trips, sometimes as a hedge against abject terror when challenging conditions made me fear for my life, sometimes for company.

Eventually, the inevitable happened. I returned from a trip and sat down at the computer. Three months later, a five hundred page novel emerged. It wasn’t very good, but it was a beginning. I learned a lot between writing that novel and its sequel, and I've been writing ever since.

In addition to turning out books, I enjoy wilderness photography. A standing joke is that over ten percent of my pack weight is camera gear, which means my very tolerant husband has to carry the food -- and everything else too.

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Ann Gimpel said...

Hi Saph,
Thank you so very much for your continued support of my books and for your wonderful review for Megan's Mates. I'm so glad you're enjoying this tale. I love the 1930s timeframe. Just historical enough I had to do research on things like how to start a car... Hugs and thanks.

Sapphyria said...

You are very welcome! I have enjoyed books 1 and 2 in the Wolf Clan series. The 1930s historical setting is a wonderful backdrop for these books. I look forward to book 3.