Friday, January 8, 2016

Book Review: Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies (Fairy True, Book 1) by Avery Flynn

About the Book:

"Avery Flynn leads us into a shimmering magical world with a sexy twist that is pure, unadulterated fun. I loved this story!" - Darynda Jones, NY Times Bestselling Author

The treasure hunter… Veronica Kwon is determined to be the only person in control of her destiny. After surviving a broken engagement and turning her back on her wealthy manipulative father, she started a treasure hunting company and is ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

The ex-fiance… Jax Taylor is a Southern charmer with enough sex appeal to melt the polar ice caps. He disappeared three months before their wedding and swore he’d never cross paths with Veronica again.

The magic beanstalk… Brought together again by their dying mentor, who has found three enchanted beans, Veronica and Jax agree to an uneasy partnership. Together they’ll climb a magic beanstalk to the cloud kingdom, but will their destiny be the riches they so desire, the passion they thought dead…or will the undead get them first?

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Print Length: 102 pages
Publication Date: February 8, 2014

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Jax and the Beanstalk Zombies reunites a couple who had previously been engaged. After Jax walks out of Veronica's life three months before they were to be marries, she rebuilds it her way. This means no longer putting up with the demands of a manipulating father. Starting her own treasure hunting company is her way of proving that only she is in control - no one else.

When Veronica encounters Jax while meeting with her dying mentor who presents an opportunity of a lifetime, she has to push her resentment of the broken engagement behind her.  Jax and Veronica will climb the magic beanstalk togther, come hell or high water and.....come face-to-face with zombies.  It's up to Veronica and Jax to fight their way through the land of the undead, find whatever treasure there is to be found, and escape with their brains and hearts intact.

Avery Flynn is one of my favorite authors and she did a great job reinventing the Jack in the Beanstalk fairy tale. She added different elements to the novella that left a familiar undertone to the book yet spiced it up to a whole new "Not your children's fairy tale" level. The quick and easy read is full of steam, humor, and adventure. The story is an engaging and entertaining quick read that will keep you interested all while speeding up your pulse.

Review copy provided by the author an embarrassingly long time ago, at no cost, for an honest review.

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