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Spotlight - Blue Balls Series by Mandy Harbin

Welcome to the spotlight for Mandy Harbin's Blue Balls series!

Books in the Series:

Blue Balls and Push Up Bras

Blue Balls and Long Distance Calls

Blue Balls and Southern Drawls

Series Information:

Author: Mandy Harbin

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance

I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is this, and has Mandy lost her mind? Well, lucidity arguments aside, this is a series of women and men being in luv, but for whatever reason, can’t get a little some-some. Reasons will vary, but the theme is the same. It was time for me to have a little fun, and if you don’t know by now, I like to go big, or go home. So here’s my ballsy (pun totally intended) series.

Reader advisory: These books are part of a series that takes a fun look at life. You must be comfortable with the f-bomb and reading sex scenes because there is sex...eventually.

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About Blue Balls and Push-Up Bras (book one):

Sex would be nice. But after giving birth, Sophie is a little self-conscious about her body, and her husband, Sawyer, hasn’t even tried coming on to her. What’s a girl to do? Don’t blab to your friends, that’s what! Their reaction is a mix of shock and pity, but they unite under one common goal: to get her laid. In one week, she’s going to show Sawyer just what he’s been neglecting. At her reluctance, the girls all agree to break out their push-up bras for a night of showing off their assets in support of her mission.

But Sophie wants it now. The talk with her friends sparks her to be the initiator, but when she tries turning on the charm, Sawyer still doesn’t give up the goods. Now the only big O she’s getting is offended.
So she hatches a little plan of her own...

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About Blue Balls and Long Distance Calls (Book two):

Life and love are not always mutually exclusive, but power couple Morgan and Cooper seem to have it all, including high-end jobs, and hot, hot sex. With no need to get married, they livea happy lifeas a live-in couple.

But looks are almost always deceiving. With demanding careers taking more and more of their time awayfrom each other, Morgan has her doubts about where their relationship is going. She decides to have a littlefun with Cooper on his next business trip, knowing their crossroads might not keep them on the same path.

But she never anticipates getting the shock of her life...

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About Blue Balls and Southern Drawls:

Taylor Berry is the quintessential city girl who can read through someone’s B.S. without batting an eyelash. Her no nonsense attitude is one her great friends and awesome boyfriend love. When he asks her to go with him to his parents’ house for the weekend, she’s not sure what to expect, but hey, it’s a few days and nights with the man she loves. What could go wrong with that?

Bryson Reed is a country boy who always looks forward to going back home to Texas for his family’s big annual reunion. A weekend of cookouts, fishing, and swimming. What could be better? In fact, this year he’s taking his girlfriend, Taylor, to introduce her to his family and join in on the fun. But the perfect weekend he’d envision starts to fall apart right after they arrive. When his mom puts Taylor in the guestroom … not in his old bedroom with him.

Taylor is shocked at the sleeping arrangements, but gets furious when Bryson doesn’t insist on them sleeping together. He thinks his mom is old fashioned and doesn’t see the problem while Taylor wonders where the line is between gentleman and momma’s boy.

Even though Taylor is mad at Bryson for how he handles the situation, she thinks his mom is up to something, and as the weekend progresses, she knows she’s right. This weekend of sweet tea and feigned southern hospitality cannot end fast enough.

But when the truth comes out and secrets revealed, something else might come to an end as well.

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Release Day Blitz & #Giveaway: Dark Submissions by Laurel Cremant

Happy Release Day!!

Love doesn't exist only in the light. Travel to the Underworld and get lost in the dark with three erotic tales of sensuality, lust, and the quest to find love...

About Dark Submissions:

Death’s Hope

The dating scene in Hell is rough for a woman who embodies the essence of pure hope, but Dora is trusting that death demon, Alphonse, won’t mind introducing her to a little sin. Her plan to convince Alphonse she’s no innocent demon-in-training, takes a wicked turn, when Alphonse decides to show her exactly how decadent his needs are.

Guilt’s Pleasure

Vengeance demon, Morgan, is looking for a little relief from a guilty conscious, and fire demon, Dax, has just the remedy for her within the walls of his dungeon. A simple bargain for relief turns sensual, when Dax realizes Morgan needs more from him than a steady hand and a long whip.

War’s Peace

Being a war demon isn’t all fun and chaos. The existing peace demon has decided to retire and Hell’s rules dictate that there can be no war without peace. Not willing to give up any of her war games, wrath demon Alyssa is determined to make recently slain warrior, Elrich, her new partner in crime by any means necessary.

Book Details:

Dark Submissions
Laurel Cremant

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Dark Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Winged Moon Publishing

Date of Publication: October 31st 2015

ISBN: 0991635728

Number of pages: 110
Word Count: 25,000

Cover Artist: Taria Reed Digital Artist

Amazon Link:

About the Author:

Laurel is a romance author, who like most writers loves to read. Her first love (pun intended) has always been romance. From the sappy YA romance novel to the more risqué erotica novels, Laurel is a sucker for a good love story.

Laurel writes paranormal and contemporary romance and is a self-proclaimed, out of the closet nerd. She admits that she can't seem to avoid adding a bit of "nerdology" or "geek-dom" to all of her books. Living in Miami, she also admits that she can't seem to avoid giving her heroines gorgeous shoes, "In Miami, we worship everything strappy, open toed and just plain hot!"

Connect with Laurel:



Twitter: @LaurelCremant


Instagram: @laurelcremant


Google +:


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Sexiest Rock Stars (And What Makes Them So Hot!) with Dawn Ryder, Author of Rock Me Two Times #Giveaway

Welcome to my post for Rock Me Two Times by Dawn Ryder!!

Book Details:

Title: Rock Me Two Times

Author: Dawn Ryder

Series: Rock Band, Book 1

ISBN: 9781492616764

Pubdate: November 3, 2015

Genre: Erotic Romance

Imprint: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Displaying Rock Me Two Times cover.jpg

About the Book:

First in Dawn Ryder’s sizzling new Rock Band series.

Rock star Syon Braden writes and plays the most extreme—and profitable—music from the depths of his shredded heart. He’s got a double platinum record, adoring fans, and success for his band Toxsin—but it’s what he can’t have that he craves. Custom leather designer Kate Napier has her sights set on success, and that means keeping irresistible rockstars like Syon out of her bed. The chance to tour with the band and provide them with a fantastic custom wardrobe is too major an opportunity to turn down. But immersion in the dark, wild world of Toxsin on tour means Kate’s about to get rocked…hard…body and soul.

Meet the Author:

Displaying Dawn Ryder photo.jpg

Dawn Ryder is the erotic romance pen name of a bestselling author of historical romances. She has been publishing her stories for over eight years to a growing and appreciative audience. She is commercially published in mass market and trade paper, and digi-first published with trade paper releases. She is hugely committed to her career as an author, as well as to other authors and to her readership. She resides in Southern California.

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Amazon: Rock Me Two Times (Rock Band)

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Sexiest Rock Stars (And What Makes Them So Hot!) with Dawn Ryder:

Rock Stars…some are just lick-able….

Let’s face it, there is something about a man in leather, who can bring a stadium to its feet. I know there are all sorts of different music out there but heavy metal in all its formats has a certain, gut-wrenching appeal that just gets girls wanting to squeal. So here’s one of my favorites:

David Bowie – Okay, I’m an 80’s child and there was this little movie called “Labyrinth.” Now I don’t care if you hated the Muffat/D&D/Princess Bride concoction that was this movie, there was one thing that made it worth your attention…David Bowie in Regency garb. And when he opened his mouth and those deep vocals came out with a rhythm that had you squirming in your seat…well, he made my top three male singer list for sure. Besides, his Goblin King makeup was amazing and I actually based a lot of Syon, the hero of Rock Me Two Times, on this character.

There are so many types of passion, and music is one that the world stops and listens to. If I’m lucky, someday, one of my books will captivate a reader just as completely as some of the great songs out there that everyone knows.

Dawn Ryder

Read an Excerpt:

The Staples Center was roaring.

It sounded like a tsunami coming in, or a freight train passing three feet in front of her face. It was more than sound; there was a vibration that traveled through her body, all the way down to her bones. There was a current in the air that practically crackled with excitement.

The bodyguard-slash-security guy showed Kate up to a private box. She followed because she didn’t want to squeal like a little girl and ask to be taken home.

She’d never lost her head like this before.

It was embarrassing on an epic scale. She was pissed at herself for rolling over so easily for a man who wouldn’t recall her name by the end of the night.

The box had plush seats and an open rail overlooking the stage. The lights went down, and the drummer started up. The beat was infectious, taking over her heart until she was sure the muscle was keeping the same rhythm.

The crowd roared again, thrusting their hands up into the air as two guitars joined the drummer. Her nipples puckered again, her memory offering up an image of Syon arching back as he played those final chords. It was like he was pushing the music out of himself, almost as if he were giving birth.

On stage, he was just as raw.

Syon took command of the space completely. The audience ate him up.

And were they screaming. Syon worked them just as skillfully as he did his guitar. He really was lord of all he surveyed. Kate discovered herself leaning forward, being drawn toward the spellbinding energy pulsing on the stage. Sitting still was impossible; her body wanted to move in time with the notes Syon was wringing out of his instrument. She became fixated on his hands; the way he worked his fingers was downright dominant.

Her teeth were clenched by the time the last song finished, she was panting softly and felt wrung out.

But it was fucking wonderful. She was drifting on a high and collapsed back into her padded chair, her composure scattered around her like fall leaves. She felt spent but amped up at the same time.

Fangirls were definitely climbing the respect ladder in her book.

Okay, so she was drooling over a rock star like some high schooler, but at least B.O.B.—her battery-operated boyfriend —was waiting for her at home. All in all, the buzz was worth the slightly stinging blow to her pride, because in some corner of her mind, she believed she should be grown-up enough to realize fantasies weren’t mature. So disappointment wouldn’t stalk her in the wee hours of the night.

A hollow feeling in her gut warned her she was hoping in vain.

As Syon and the rest of the band left the stage, Kate indulged herself in a long moment of reflection. Syon had worked that guitar until it wailed. He had to be hell in bed if he applied even half that effort to pleasing his partner.

“So, what’d you think?”

She jumped, grabbing the armrests of the movie theater-style chair. Her eyes popped open wide, and her belly did a triple flip when she found Syon watching her.

“Ah…” Her tongue suddenly felt like a wad of cotton in her mouth as she scrambled to stand up and turn around to face him. “It was fantastic…”

He grinned at her, a huge, arrogantly pleased expression that showed off his perfect teeth.

God, she wondered if he knew how to bite…

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25 Fun Facts About Elissa Day & Giveaway ~ Spotlight for Little Red (Press Legacy Book 2) by Elissa Daye

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Little Red.\!

Little Red

Press Legacy Book 2

by Elissa Daye

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

About Little Red:

Twenty-eight year old actress Rowan Montgomery has the role of a lifetime: the public image of World-Renowned Paranormal Author, Publisher, and closet Vampire--Claudia Woods. Since Claudia can't venture out during the daylight hours, Rowan’s spunk, good looks and knowledge of the vampire’s books makes her the perfect candidate to promote Claudia's work to the world while keeping her undead status a secret.

Rowan’s imagination could never have conjured her current reality; Vampires, werewolves, gargoyles, eccentric butlers named Igor, and other fantastic creatures are around every corner. Like living in some kind of strange mystical dream, Rowan finds the new world she's thrust into to be one of the most thrilling adventures possible. Attending author conventions, book signings, and author interviews, Rowan attempts to create the right public image for her boss while struggling to keep her desire for mysterious and antagonistic Ethan Wilder at bay. Every inch of his body is covered in sex appeal, and he knows it. Unbeknownst to Rowan, he is hiding a family secret that should send her running for the hills. Instead, she finds herself pulled in deeper.

Everything about Ethan makes her lose her mind. Rowan wants nothing more than to hold him at arm’s length, but his mere presence makes all sensible thoughts flee. If she lets him get too close, he could discover the secrets she must keep hidden from the world, especially if she wants to keep her job and all the perks that come along with it.

After a short time in the spotlight, strange things begin to happen to Rowan, starting with the appearance of wolves, that seem to be nothing more than a coincidence. Before long, threats come rolling in for the stand-in Author, and it becomes clear that not all is fair in love and war when it comes to the Book Industry. Rowan is caught in the crossfire with traitors, spies and snarling fangs around every corner.

How long will Rowan survive in Claudia’s world before she loses herself completely?

Meet the Author:

Elissa Daye

Ever since childhood, Elissa Daye has enjoyed reading stories as an escape from life. When she was a teenager she started to write her own stories that kept her entertained when she ran out of books to read. When she was accepted into Illinois Summer School for the Arts in her Junior year of High School, she knew she wanted to become a writer. Elissa graduated from Illinois State University in December 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and began her teaching career, hoping to find moments to write in her free time. After seven years of teaching, Elissa decided to focus on her writing and made the decision to put her teaching years behind her so that she could focus on her writing. She is now happily married and a stay at home mom, who writes in every spare moment she can find, doing her best to master the art of multitasking to get everything accomplished.


Twitter @daenira

25 Fun Facts About Elissa Daye:

1.      My favorite color is purple. It has been for years, but recently it’s being changed to aquamarine. I’m trying hard not to convert, but I’m having trouble fighting it.
2.      I think almost anything could be improved with chocolate and just found out that Sonic has chocolate covered bacon as an option for their blasts. Trying to keep myself from trying that.
3.      I’ve been up in the Gateway Arch only twice in my lifetime. You’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming next time. The first time I was a small child and I remember gripping onto the chaperone like a cat trying to escape a bath tub. I made her hold onto my legs when I looked over the windows. This may or may not have happened the second time I went up too.
4.      I started reading romance novels when I was about eleven years old because I couldn’t find anything else to read. I was the child that went to the library and begged the librarian to tell me what was new so I could keep reading.
5.      I wrote my first and only fan fiction when I was eight years old. I loved Judy Blume’s Fudge series. I wrote Super Fudge Junior and tried to send it to Highlights magazine. They didn’t publish it. Go figure. Apparently eight year olds have no idea what copy right infringement is. But hey, that was my first attempt to get published.
6.      I taught in the Middle School and Elementary School setting. My favorite teaching job is when I taught Writing to each class in the building K-5. Do you see a pattern here? It was as if the universe was trying to tell me what are you doing? You should be writing.
7.      My secret dream, although now that I’m telling you it’s not going to be a secret. Anyway, that dream I have is to be successful enough to create a program for kids to learn how to write. I think writing is so beneficial for kids as a healthy release and a way to develop better communication skills.
8.      Stitch, 626, he is my all time favorite Disney Character. I met him this year at Disney World for the 2nd time. I had to push my family out of the frame just so I could get a picture with him all by myself.
9.      One of my favorite places that I have visited is the Badlands. I remember sitting on a bench at the top of a ridge and looking down. Maybe it’s my writer brain and overactive imagination, but I felt as if I could see people from long ago traveling through the tiny valleys. It was so quiet and peaceful that the history of the past seemed to be floating up to me. The Badlands showed up in The Land of the Shadows.
10.  I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera twice. I still remember the name of the first phantom Franc D’Ambrosio. We had read the entire book in French, so we took a field trip to go see it. That was so amazing for me. The second time I went, my husband took me. Still loved it, but I think the nostalgia was different that time.
11.  When people ask me what I did for my bachelorette party I tell them that my ladies and I took a limo up to Chicago and went to see Wicked. That didn’t really happen. It did in my head, because my wonderful husband suggested we do that and by the time we got around to planning it, Wicked was no longer playing. Boo!  Instead I spent the night doing Karaoke with my wedding party which was still a blast. You’ll be relieved to know that I did get to see Wicked two years later.
12.  I’ve been to Penned Con in St. Louis twice. I love meeting people and adore taking pictures with people, even though in real life I duck and cover when people bring the camera out.
13.  My favorite movie is Newsies. Yea, you’ve heard of the musical I’m sure, but did you know that Christian Bale was in the Disney movie? Oh yea and that guy who played Doogie Howser’s best friend. Totally dating myself here, but for those younger people Bill Pulman was in it too.
14.  I have a willow tree in my back yard. I find it peaceful, while others might find it haunting.
15.  I’ve been on a ghost tour before and caught a few spooky images. I believe in spirits.
16.  I used to rescue ferrets before I had children. The first four that we got, we actually trained to do tricks. They could stand up, jump on their hind legs, come and roll over.
17.  I’m allergic to cinnamon. All the best things have cinnamon in them. Cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pies, apple pies, and sometimes barbecue sauce. It’s not that common of an allergy. When I was little I had been mistakenly given a cereal with cinnamon in it. I got sent home that day because they thought I had pink eye. Nope. Just allergic to a tasty spice.
18.  I wrote my first romance when I was fourteen. It was a teen romance and completely unrealistic, but that’s ok. Writing is fun that way.
19.  I was almost a clown in the circus. Seriously! We had a college circus that I was trying out for, and would have made it into it. I even had my name picked out and my costume, but I decided at the last minute that circus life wasn’t for me. Ah well.
20.  My top three actors that I have slight crushes on are Vin Diesel, Chris Hemsworth, and Jason Mamoa.
21.  I refuse to watch Sponge Bob. I just…can’t.
22.  I had one of the first rounds of Tickle Me Elmo. I was in college for crying out loud. Pathetic!
23.  My first car was a KIA. I will never forget it. At first I was in love. Then I had a love-hate, mostly hate relationship with it. It happens. You fall out of love.
24.  I still know my high school fight song. Never learned the one for my college.
25.  My favorite singers: Jewel, Tori Amos, and Colbie Caillat. I often find myself writing to the soundtrack of In The Heights though. “Check, 1, 2, 3. This Bennie on the dispatch, Attencio!”

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Cover Reveal: Her Web Master by Normandie Alleman

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for Normandie Alleman's Upcoming Release:

Her Web Master

About the Book:

An online connection. Masked by anonymity. No cameras. No pictures. Curiosity turned to intrigue. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but had no idea how far we would go... My intention was to test the waters, dip my toe in the wading pool. Instead I surrendered to the world of seduction and submission, and he submerged me—body, mind, and soul—into an ocean of eroticism. Emails, texts, and hidden identities, were one thing. But now, coming face-to-face with the mystery man, the star of my fantasies, both terrifies and thrills me. If all goes according to plan, he will intensify the exquisite bond we share by transporting me to that glorious intersection between agony and ecstasy. If not, everything we've built will come crashing down around us, dashing my dreams in the process. Either way, there is no going back. Because I want more. Much more. Despite the knowledge that for every ounce of pleasure, a price must be paid. And I am going to pay... 

Her Web Master
by Normandie Alleman

Publication Date: November 10, 2015

Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations

Genre: Erotic Romance

Pre-Order Now (Releases Nov. 11):

Amazon US - Her Web Master

Amazon CA -

Meet the Author:

A former psychologist, Normandie has always been fascinated by human behavior. She loves writing quirky characters that are all too human. Fiber arts, baking, and Pinterest are a few of her favorite pastimes. She lives on a farm with a passel of kids, an adorable husband, and a pet pig who’s crazy for Red Bull. Newsletter Sign-Up (FREE story): Social Media Links Website - Facebook - Twitter - @NormandieA Pinterest - Goodreads - Amazon - Google + - 

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Blog Tour Spotlight: Homecoming (The Andersons, Book 2) by H.G. Langley

Everybody has a past.

Tom and Maggie Andersons's is just a little bloodier than most.

The Andersons, Book 2
H.G. Langley

Genre: Romantic suspense/thriller/crime fiction

Publisher: SP Press

Date of Publication: October 20, 2015

Word Count: approx. 75K

Book Description:

When a family tragedy forces them back to their hometown of Cedar Falls, the past collides with the present, threatening to shatter their future.

Home isn't where the heart is--just the skeletons.

A Look At Book 1:

The Andersons
Book 1
H.G. Langley

Genre: Romantic suspense/thriller/crime fiction

Publisher: SP Press

Date of Publication: April 2015

Word Count: approx. 75K

Book Description:

Thomas and Margaret Anderson are like most couples in Sugar Maple Grove, West Virginia. They attend neighborhood block parties on Fridays, do home projects on Saturdays, and go to church on Sundays.

They also kill people.

Suburbia has never been more deadly....

Available at Amazon:


About the Author:

H.G. Langley is the author of The Andersons, a crime fiction series exploring the relationship of a married couple who also happen to be serial killers. A graduate of Florida State University, Langley holds a B.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice. When not writing, Langley enjoys traveling as well as finding inspiration through various police procedurals and Other crime shows. Langley resides In Florida.



Blood Stitches by Erin Fanning - Plus, An Additional Short Story and a #Giveaway

Blood Stitches

by Erin Fanning

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Every year on Halloween, the god of the Mayan underworld holds a demonic ball and auction. Many attend; not everyone survives…

It's called El Toque de la Luna--The Touch of the Moon. At least that's how nineteen-year-old Gabby's older sister, Esperanza, refers to the magical powers she inherited from their Mayan ancestors. Esperanza says women with El Toque weave magic into their knitting, creating tapestries capable of saving--or devastating--the world. Gabby thinks Esperanza is more like touched in the head--until a man resembling a candy corn arrives at their Seattle home on Halloween. But "Mr. C" is far from sweet...

Soon, Gabby and her almost-more-than-friend, Frank, find themselves spirited away to a demon ball, complete with shape shifters--and on a mission to destroy Esperanza's tapestries before they cause an apocalyptic disaster... And before it's too late to confess their true feelings for each other.

Read a Story:

The Crow's Bones

By Erin Fanning

First published in The Curse of Blackhawk Bay, 2008.

This story, part of a collection of interrelated short stories, explores how easily one can be deceived by people in powerful positions.

Slipping his mountain bike into its lowest gear, Owen stood up on the pedals. His tires dug into the soil, and he tottered to the right, almost losing his balance. His panting mingled with the cawing of a crow.

The top of Tower Hill lay just ahead. It rose above the Alabaster Woods like an island in a sea of trees. A stony outcropping jutted from the skinny trail.

I can do this, Owen thought.

Straining, he clambered over the first rock. Veering to the left, he tried to steer around the second. His front tire rammed into stone, and his bike toppled to the right. Unable to wrench his boots out of the pedals, he fell with it. He slid a few feet down the slope and came to a stop in a bed of ferns. His head rested on a cluster of mushrooms.

I miss my mountain biking buddies, Owen thought.

He closed his eyes and remembered how his dad and his best friend Robert had always cleared Tower Trail, while it constantly defeated Owen. But they weren't there, hadn't been for a long time. Owen stood, trying to forget. Yet images of the two remained in his mind.

“Where are you, Robert?” he whispered, straightening his bike and pushing it up the trail.

He thought about the police officer who had appeared at his front door the day Robert had disappeared, exactly one year ago. Later, Owen had joined the search party as they combed Blackhawk Bay and the Alabaster Woods. But Robert had never been found.

Owen leaned against his bike, suddenly tired. His thoughts moved to the other missing person in his life. His dad. He had lost him to cancer three years ago when Owen was 12. He could never bring himself to use the word dead. He liked to think that his father was truly lost, like Robert, and maybe, just maybe, he would find them both again.

Standing on the trail, Owen wiped sweat from his forehead and pointed his bike down the hill. He was no longer in the mood for another attempt at the rock outcropping. He climbed onto the seat and allowed the bicycle to roll, picking up speed and flying through the forest. He hopped over logs and stopped twice to remove twigs from the spokes and derailleur.

The trail dumped him out on Centerline Road, and he turned right, following it to Blackhawk Bay. He coasted past an abandoned farm field, where dozens of crows pecked at the earth. One of the larger birds stood alone near the road, and its head swiveled as Owen cycled by. The crow flew away, and Owen continued up a hill.

Cresting it, he spied the rooftops of Blackhawk Bay. Tiered on a slope, the village wrapped itself around Lake Huron. Alabaster Woods cradled three sides of the town, splitting it from the rest of the world.

Owen veered to the left. His driveway sat a few houses away. A dual-sport motorcycle, good for both road and trail riding, was parked in the street in front of it.

Great, Owen thought, Carl Humphrey. He wanted to turn around, avoiding the junior high principal and his mom's new boyfriend. But then he saw his mother looking up and down the street. She waved at him.

Owen continued to his house and rolled onto the driveway. His brakes protested as he squeezed them.

“There you are, honey.” His mom wrapped her arms around a helmet.

“Jenny and I've been waiting for you.” Mr. Humphrey raised an eyebrow and wagged a finger at Owen.

Don't call my mother Jenny, Owen thought. Everyone in town called her Jen or Jennifer, only his father and his grandparents had ever called her Jenny. Anger brimmed inside him. He knew he was being unreasonable, yet all he wanted at that moment was to escape. He needed movement. It often seemed the only way he could quiet his mind.

His mother touched his arm. “Are you okay? I bet you've been thinking about Robert. I know I have.”

Owen met her eyes, then looked down at his feet. “That's part of it,” he mumbled.

“A sad business,” Mr. Humphrey said. He rolled back and forth on his shoes and jiggled his keys in his hand.

The principal was short with broad shoulders and muscular arms. Someone had told Owen that Mr. Humphrey had won the state wrestling championship while in high school. He had hazel-green eyes with flecks of yellow, which he now turned toward Owen. He flicked his gaze over to Jenny and then back at Owen.

It was an odd look, almost challenging. Am I imagining things? Owen wondered. He glanced at his mother. Her black hair had fallen across her cheeks.

Owen smiled. She’s like a doll, he thought. He had inherited her dark looks but had his father's height. Her size had always made Owen feel protective, but after he had lost his father, the feeling had intensified.

“Carl and I are going to Betty's Diner for supper,” his mom said. “You're joining us, right?”

Owen couldn't meet her eyes. He hated lying to her. “Um. I was going to catch a movie with some friends.”

“Oh, that's wonderful. You've been spending too much time alone,” she said.

“Are you ready, Jenny?” Mr. Humphrey asked. “My stomach's growling.”

His mother hesitated, then said. “Okay.” Her voice sounded irritated. Owen knew she hated to be rushed. She reached out and hugged him. His chin rested on her head. She felt so small, almost breakable.

Owen watched them as they walked toward the motorcycle. Mr. Humphrey brushed his fingers against his mother's hand, but she pulled away. Owen was glad for the gesture.

At that moment, a crow, which had been sitting on a lamp post, soared toward Mr. Humphrey. It cawed and bumped a wing against his head. Jumping back, the principal cursed and flapped his arms. The crow dived again, but Mr. Humphrey's spinning arms kept it away.

The bird flew toward Owen and stretched out its claws, preparing to land.

Finish Reading the Story Here:

Grab Your Copy of Blood Stitches:

Amazon Blood Stitches

Barnes and Noble

Kensington Books

Meet the Author:

Erin Fanning spends her summers on a northern Michigan lake, where her imagination explores the water and dense forest for undiscovered creatures. In the winter, she migrates to central Idaho, exchanging mountain bikes and kayaks for skis and snowshoes. She’s also the author of Mountain Biking Michigan, as well as numerous articles, essays, and short stories.

Author Media Links:


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Book Tour & #99cent Sale ~ Season Of The Witch (Shades Below Book, 1.5) L.J.K. Oliva

Something wicked this way comes...well, more wicked than usual.

And it's currently on sale for $.99 

Georgia Clare needs help, and fast. As the lone survivor of—and witness to—her coven's brutal massacre, she's felt the killer hunting her. There's just one problem: the rest of San Francisco's witching community wants nothing to do with her, and the one man she can turn to doesn't do witches.

Darius deCompostela has done his best to steer clear of subversive affairs. A private investigator and reluctant medium, the last thing he wants is to advertise his existence to the things that go bump in the night. But then Georgia knocks on his door, and try as he might, he can't turn her away.

It's just one case, after all. It's not like it's going to change his life…

Book Information:

Season Of The Witch
Shades Below, Book 1.5
L.J.K. Oliva

Genre: urban fantasy/paranormal romance

Date of Publication: Oct. 1, 2015

Word Count: 99,733

Cover Artist: Amy Mateyka

Read an Excerpt:

She pushed through the glamour surrounding the exit, and shoved the door open. Next thing she knew, she was in a narrow alley. She allowed the door to slam shut behind her. It immediately vanished into the aged brick wall.

Georgia sank against the side of the building. She bent forward and rested her hands on her knees. Fuck, was she stupid. What the hell had convinced her waltzing into a floating club was a good idea? She knew her history. She knew what people thought of her.

She should have known better.

Something that sounded suspiciously like a door opening echoed through the alley. Georgia hastily straightened and swiped her hands over her eyes. A second later, Darius was standing next to her. His eyes looked glazed, his face heavy. He shook himself hard.

Georgia pressed her lips together and turned.

"Wait." The word sounded slurred.

Georgia ignored the twinge in her chest. "Forget it."

"Georgia, wait."

A hand closed around her arm. Georgia yanked free. Darius caught her again, this time spun her around to face him. She hadn't expected him to shake off the glamour so fast. Unbalanced, she stumbled headlong into his solid chest. He stiffened, then his arms closed around her.

Her vision blurred. She'd always known the witching world didn't want her. Even so, she'd always maintained a tiny flicker of hope that maybe, someday, she might carve out a place for herself.

It was stupid. Hell, she didn't even like most of the people in there. She certainly didn't understand them, any more than they understood her. The entire time she'd lived in the city, there was only one witch who had ever tried to connect with her. Only one witch who had given her a chance.

Just her luck, that witch had gone and gotten herself murdered.

Georgia squeezed her eyes shut. No good. All she saw was the same grotesque still life that had been haunting her all week. Study In Carnage. She tried to breathe. Thick metallic sweetness hit her tongue.

She didn't realize she was shaking until she felt Darius' hand slide down her back. A low sound rumbled in his chest. The echoes of it reverberated deep inside her, in a place words couldn't reach.

It took her a moment to realize he was shaking too; tight, controlled shivers she would have missed if they'd been farther apart. Georgia's head reeled. She didn't get this man. One minute he all but threw her to the wolves, the next...what? He felt her pain?

She hesitated, then awkwardly laid her cheek against his chest.

She lost track of how long they stood like that. Gradually, she became aware of other things. Of his large, impossibly gentle hand. Of the cool, subtle slide of his suit jacket beneath her palm. The fabric smelled expensive, but she kept catching a whiff of something else, too; something richly organic. She'd never smelled anything quite like it. She furrowed her forehead. Then it struck her.

It was him. Darius deCompostela, distilled down to the essence. Georgia closed her eyes. The tightness in her chest eased.

Several more minutes passed before she opened her eyes again and stepped back. It took several more before her head was settled enough to think. At last, she forced herself to look up. "You really don't want me around, do you?"

Darius didn't answer.

She tried again, her voice stronger. "Why? And don't try to feed me that Joe-Pesci-Lethal-Weapon line again. I'm a big girl. I can smell bullshit like that a mile away." Something occurred to her. "It's because I'm a witch, isn't it?"

His dark eyes were impossible to read. "This is your world, Ms. Clare, not mine. But as long as I'm working this case, let me be clear: we're not partners. I don't work with people like you."

She tried to be angry, but couldn't quite manage it. "I won't forget that."

He didn't look away. "I know."

Georgia swallowed hard. She turned and started down the alley again. This time, Darius didn't try to stop her.

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About the Author:

L.J.K. Oliva is the devil-may-care alter-ego of noir romance novelist Laura Oliva. She likes her whiskey strong, her chocolate dark, and her steak bloody. L.J.K. likes monsters… and knows the darkest ones don’t live in closets.








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Happy Release Day ~ His Best Friend's Girl by Cathryn Fox #ContemporaryRomance #MilitaryRomance

With a little help—and a little kink—from her friend, she might just get her man.


Title: His Best Friend's Girl

Author: Cathryn Fox

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance

About His Best Friend's Girl:

Skylar Redmond’s Sky Bar is regularly wall-to-wall hot soldiers. Yet she is alone—and getting tired of it. Forget about finding a man who’ll rock her world in the bedroom. She’ll settle for a guy who’s stable, kind and compassionate.

Too bad that guy still sees her as the pigtailed girl from their youth, not the strong woman she is today. But maybe, with a little help, that’ll change.

As an ex-military field ambulance technician, Matt James excels at performing under pressure. Pretending to be interested in Skylar to help her capture the attention of his best friend? Piece of cake—because he won’t be faking it. He’s been in love with her since their school yard days, but never pushed it. She deserves someone who can offer her more.

A touch leads to a kiss, and a kiss to a night that throws a kink—or three—into Sky’s plan. Leaving her wondering if she’s going for the wrong man…and letting the right one slip through her fingers.

Purchase Links:


Amazon His Best Friend's Girl (In the Line of Duty)




Meet the Author:

New York Times and USA today best selling author, Cathryn is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. She has two teenagers who keep her busy with their never ending activities, and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. Cathryn can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter and tries to write page-turning books that her readers will love.

New York Times and USA today best selling author, Cathryn is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. She has two teenagers who keep her busy with their never ending activities, and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. Cathryn can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter and tries to write page-turning books that her readers will love.

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Releasing Your Inner Wild Child by Monica Campbell, Character from His Kind of Trouble by Terri L. Austin

Please welcome Monica Campbell, on the main characters from Terri L. Austin's novel, His Kind of Trouble.  Stay tuned on November 3rd and you'll get to meet Callum Hughes, too!

Releasing Your Inner Wild Child

My name is Monica Campbell and I’m a reformed wild child. Growing up in Vegas, trouble was easy to find and hard to resist. But these days, I’m a responsible job-holding, tax-paying, tooth-flossing citizen. I don’t dance on tables or sneak off to dive bars. I even had that unfortunate tattoo permanently removed. I’ve changed my ways for good. Most importantly, I’ve sworn off bad boys. I’ve had my fair share of them, believe me, and men who look like trouble usually are. Now I only date serious men with life goals and steady paychecks.

But then Callum Hughes roared into town with his hot British accent and even hotter body. We shared a moment five years ago, a moment I’ve never gotten over. So what’s a girl to do? I’ve tried to steer clear of him, but he’s …amazing. Wait, did I say amazing? I meant persistent. The man won’t leave me alone. Why does he have to be so charming? I can’t quite figure him out, and trust me, I don’t want to. I’m on the wagon where bad boys are concerned, and that especially includes Cal.

As long as I stay out of his orbit, I can focus on my work and not his lopsided grin or his rock hard abs. But he doesn’t play fair. The more I try to avoid him, the more he comes around, asking me to go play and tempting me to return to my wild child ways. That’s not going to happen, do you hear me? I’m over men like Cal. Been there. Done that. And I had that fugly tat to prove it. I’m not reverting back to bad habits.

Yet every time he kisses me or speaks with that deep, scratchy voice, I want to lose myself in him. He makes me miss the uninhibited side of myself. I thought I’d closed that chapter of my life for real this time, but Cal…, maybe I could let a little bit of my wild side poke through. That wouldn’t be so bad, right? After all, it’s not like Cal’s sticking around for good. He never stays in one place for long. He’s a professional drifter.

The question is, can I give in just a tiny bit, and still keep my heart intact? They say there’s a first time for everything.

Monica’s Tips for Releasing Your Inner Wild Child (Without Getting Arrested):

1. Wear sexy lingerie. You never know when that bad boy might decide to peek under your blouse, and you do notwant to be caught in white cotton.

2. Know when to give into temptation. Sometimes, when a man looks that delicious, you can sin all night and make a fresh start in the morning. Kind of like a diet. A sex diet.

3. Drive your man’s car as fast as possible—he won’t like it. Don’t let this dissuade you. After all, it’s not your Mustang on the line, now is it?

4. Get over that fear of public sex. You don’t have to be a complete exhibitionist, but the thrill of almost getting caught adds to the fun.

5. Go ahead and dance on the table. Wild Child motto: no regrets!

6. Be careful with your heart. When you start having feelings, it gets real. So don’t, I repeat, don’t fall in love, no matter how tempting he is. Trust me on this one.

Displaying HisKindofTrouble.jpg

Book Information:

Title: His Kind of Trouble

Author: Terri L. Austin

Release Date: November 3, 2015

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About the Book:

Monica Campbell may have a history as a wild child, but she's changed her ways. She's respectable, responsible-and, most importantly, she's sworn off bad boys. That is, until Callum Hughes roars back into her life with his sexy British accent and killer smile.

Cal remembers every steamy moment he shared with Monica, but he barely recognizes the straight-laced woman she's become. Determined to lure Monica into letting go of her inhibitions, Cal will use every trick he knows to fire her blood and tempt her body...reminding her
just how good it can feel to be bad-and his.

For More Information and To Purchase:

Amazon: His Kind of Trouble (Beauty and the Brit)

Barnes and Noble:


Meet the Author:

Displaying TerriAustin.jpg

As a girl, Terri L. Austin thought she’d outgrow dreaming up stories and creating imaginary friends. Instead, she’s made a career of it. Now she writes steamy contemporary romance and mysteries. She met her own Prince Charming and together they live in Independence, Missouri.

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Spotlight ~ The Ultimate Catch by Constance Phillips

Welcome to my stop on the book blog tour for The Ultimate Catch!!

Book Details:

The Ultimate Catch

by Constance Phillips

Genre: Contemporary Romance





About the Book:

Jolanda is willing to do whatever it takes, even face off against the Bering Sea, to raise the money for a balloon payment on her father’s house.

She challenges Keller and wins a bet to get on the recently inherited crab fishing boat, forcing the young captain to buck tradition and superstition.

Will his season be doomed or will he end up with the ultimate catch?

Meet the Author:

Constance Phillips lives in Ohio with her husband, daughter, and four canine kids where she writes contemporary romance novels and paranormal romance novels.

When not writing stories of finding and rediscovering love, Constance and her husband spend the hours planning a cross-country motorcycle trip for the not-so-distant future...if they can find a sidecar big enough for the pups.

Connect with Constance:








Limelight by Kim Carmichael #RomCom #99Cents

Welcome to the "Limelight"

Genre: Romantic Comedy


by Kim Carmichael

About the Book:

Worth The Wait…

Twenty years ago, Drew Fulton was made famous in the genre-changing movie, Hollywood Stardust and fell in love with his costar, Erin Holland. Left heartbroken and fed up, he played his ultimate role and walked away from his life, taking on an entirely new persona. Now he wants everything back, from his place in the limelight to the love that made him leave. He only needs to make sure he can leave the past in the past.

Known as the spoiled, has-been star of Hollywood, Erin Holland has spent the last two decades pining away for the one love she cannot have. Blindsided when Drew Fulton appears in her life as mysteriously as he disappeared, she is torn between acting on her heart and using Drew’s reappearance to relight her star.

Together for the first time in twenty years, their true passion consumes them, but the sparks of old wounds still threaten to burn out of control before they can decide if their love was worth waiting for.

Meet the Author:

Kim Carmichael began writing ten years ago when her love of happy endings inspired her to create her own. She has a weakness for bad boys and techno geeks, and married her own computer whiz after he proved he could keep her all her gadgets running. When not writing, she can usually be found slathered in sunscreen trolling Los Angeles and helping top doctors build their practices.

Author Media Links: