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Book Tour: Operation Payback (Nick Seven, Book 4) by Tim Smith

Book Details for Operation Payback by Tim Smith

Series:  Nick Seven, Book 4
ISBN: 9781487401603

Genre: Multi-Cultural, Interracial, Mystery Thriller, Romantic Suspense

About Operation Payback:

Former CIA operative Nick Seven has worked hard to create a new life in the Florida Keys with his Barbadian lover, Felicia Hagens. Their life in paradise takes an unexpected turn when a double agent that Nick sent to prison is granted an early parole. Nick still remembers what Simon Larch said when he was sentenced– “Someday I’ll get you for this. You won’t know when or how. Just wait for it.” Larch is supposedly in another state, so who’s responsible for the ominous threats Nick receives, and how does Larch seem to know everything about Nick’s past? What kind of payback is he really planning?

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About the Author:

Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author whose books range from romantic mystery/thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He is also a freelance photographer. He can often be found in The Florida Keys, doing research in between parasailing and seeking out the perfect Mojito. 

His website

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Release Day: Served Hot (Best Revenge, Book #2) by Marie Harte

Book Details:

Served Hot 

Series: Best Revenge #2

by: Marie Harte

Publisher: Samhain 

Cover Designer: Angelique Anderson

Genre: Contemporary/Erotica

About Served Hot:

One little lie, one huge grudge, and one picture-perfect plan for revenge… Best Revenge, Book 2.

Blackmailed into a prom date by the cute but geeky Dexter Black twelve years ago, Maya Werner shocked herself by having a good time. For a strong-willed, hot-tempered artist who’s used to having the upper hand, that’s never sat well with her.

At weekly wine night with her friends, Maya finds herself pledging to get revenge on the men who’ve done her wrong—starting with Dex. Except the Marine Corps transformed the nerd into a hot, sexy guy with the audacity to blackmail her again. This time into a few dates.

Dex is back in town with one goal in mind: to win the girl of his dreams. But he knows how she operates. His strategy? Keep her off balance by running hot and cold until she melts into the passion between them.

When a misunderstanding stokes old hurts, Maya backs away when she should stand her ground. But Dex has a contingency plan: pour on the charm with both barrels, until he has his own form of revenge—loving Maya, forever.

Warning: Blackmailing a stubborn, hot-tempered artist into bed, and an ex-Marine who has a penchant for taking pictures. Yeah, those kinds of pictures.

Purchase Links:


Purchase Link for Book 1 - Served Cold (Best Revenge #1):

 About the Author:

Caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte has over 100 books published with more constantly on the way. She’s a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies.

Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after.

Visit and fall in love.

Find Marie Online:

Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Spend the Release Day of Unexpected Eden (Eden Series) by Rhenna Morgan Getting to Know the Author, Reading an Excerpt, & Entering the Giveaway!!!

I am so excited to have Rhenna Morgan on the blog today!!  

Hey, everyone!

Thanks for joining me today on Sapphyria’s blog and helping me celebrate my debut release, Unexpected Eden—a fantasy romance based in current times.

From a romance perspective, UE is exactly what you’d expect—a powerful alpha male, a heroine who’s not afraid to chase what she wants, and combustible chemistry when the two collide. Definitely, not a book I’m going to let my oldest daughter read until she’s much older. J

While the romance aspects hit all the standard expectations (and maybe a few non-standard), the world is very unique. I thought since today is the official release day, I’d spend a few minutes sharing a deeper dive into the fantastical realm of Eden.

Like many romance readers, I love stories that catapult me into entirely new worlds. A chance to check my brain at the door and explore new ideas.Also, like many readers, I’ve read more than my share of the standard paranormal genre.

This series isn’t “the standard.”No vampires, shifters, or witches. Just a sister race living in tandem with our own who’ve benefited from some rather impressive evolutional upgrades including telekinesis, telepathy, and some pretty handy affinities to the elements.

The story is based in current day, though a human might not think that was the case if they stumbled into Eden’s parallel realm on their own. Where we’re highly plugged in—complete with pollution and power cords—Eden is fresh and clean. Paradise with an otherworldly edge.

Imagine the renaissance period, complete with mystical castles and fanciful gowns for women. Now give that whole environment more of a new age spin, both in attire and attitude, and splash in color combinationsthat would make most humans gawk. Holographic rainbows in the sky, silver shards woven into every blade of grass, black trunked trees with indigo leaves…in Eden there is no ordinary.

The coolest part, for me anyway, is how the two realms have coexisted since the beginning of time. Myrens, while forbidden from sharing their existence with us or interfering in our destiny, walk freely between our two realms. They’ve even adopted our currency to make trade for their citizens more convenient. Truly, it’s the best of both worlds. J

I hope you’ll come and explore Eden along with Lexi and take some time getting to know her mate, Eryx, her new family, and new race. I’d also encourage you to check out the giveaway signups included below. With the help of Sapphyria and Tasty Book Tours, I’m giving a few lucky readers:

·         Their choice of an ebook or print copy of Unexpected Eden.
·         A $25 Amazon Gift Card.
·         An Eden Series Prize Pack including:
o   Tote Bag
o   Coffee Mug
o   Combination Pen/Stylus (yes I’m a total electronics junky)
o   Post-its

Again, thanks to each of you for stopping by! I hope to see you soon in paradise!

Giveaway Details & Entry Form are at the end of this post.

About Unexpected Eden:

Most people believe Eden no longer exists. Lexi Merrill’s about to learn they’re wrong. A hard-working bartender with a self-sufficient backbone and a wary nature, she knows pickup lines like a second language. So, when Eryx Shantos barges into her world with too-smooth words and a body to back it up, she locks up her libido and vows to keep her distance.

Eryx has other ideas. As king of the Myren race, Eryx is duty-bound to enforce the laws preventing exposure of their existence to humans. Yet The Fates have led him through his dreams to Lexi, a temptation he doesn’t want to resist. The question—is she Myren, or human - which makes her forbidden fruit?

When Eryx’s nemesis tags Lexi as his next target, Eryx insists on taking her home where he can keep her safe. Lexi had no idea “home” would mean the one-and-only land of creation…or that she’d trigger a prophecy that could doom her newfound race.

Book Details:

Unexpected Eden
Eden Series
Rhenna Morgan

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Kensington/Lyrical Press

Date of Publication: 12/29/2014

ISBN: 978-1-61650-629-2 Print
ISBN: 978-1-61650-628-5 ebook

Number of pages: 259
Word Count: 81,411

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde Media

Read an Excerpt:

Lexi high-stepped it down the hall to the room she shared with Eryx. Sconces blazed to life along the walls with each step, Eryx setting them alight with his mind to light her way. Providing what you need.

Ugh. Not something she could think about right now. His sure, confident strides sounded behind her. No matter how far ahead she tried to stay, his hunger burned inside her. Stupid gift. Now that she’d somehow uncorked it, she couldn’t get it turned it off—and damned if she wasn’t a raging inferno as a result.

She’d thought asking for time would calm his fears. Maybe ease his foot off the throttle a little bit. But oh, no. She’d tugged the lion’s tail, tossed out a slab of meat, and thrown the cage door open wide.

The door to their room whipped open and thudded against the wall.

She flinched, but kept going. “You don’t need to be so melodramatic.”

She’d gone for playful, but ended up sounding like Marilyn Monroe on a heaped-up dose of Spanish Fly. Moving to the dresser, she tugged off her blue leather sandals. “Maybe we can rest later and you can teach me how to move things with my mind instead.”

Eryx ripped his tank over his head and tossed it to the floor. Smooth muscles, flexing under tight, tan skin.

She closed her gaping mouth. Tugged the lion’s tail indeed.

“I thought I’d give you something else.” He stalked her until her back met the wall and caged her with arms on either side of her head. “Something that will feed you instead of drain you.”

He ran his nose along the column of her neck and inhaled, slow and deep.

Goosebumps prickled along her forearms and her belly fluttered. “I thought you said I needed to rest.”

“You need energy. I’m going to give it to you.” He nipped her earlobe then sucked at the same spot. “You said you’ve never known family or love.” His hot breath brushed across her skin and his tongue traced the shell of her ear. “So I’ll give you that too.”

A blowtorch, insane, leave-me-here-to-die-in-glory fire blasted from her insides out. Where the hell was her caution? Her worry?

“I warned you.” He bit her lower lip and the sting zinged to her nipples. His hands abandoned the wall and caressed her back, her thin cotton tunic a nearly non-existent barrier. “You said you could take anything I threw at you.” He whipped the tunic over her head and the indigo fabric sailed to the floor behind him. “Then you’ll have me.” His gaze lowered to her bare breasts. “All of me.”

Purchase Your Copy at:

Amazon Unexpected Eden



Kobo iTunes ARe

Author Information and Social Media Links:

Rhenna never thought a weird dream, a bucket list, and an addiction to romance novels would lead her into publishing, but that’s exactly how Unexpected Eden came to life. Okay, there might have been a jillion revisions in there somewhere, and a few points where her family thought she’d lost her ever-lovin’ mind, but pretty much everyone’s accepted that this author thing is chronic.

When she’s not working on the rest of the Eden books or her naughty contemporary romances, you’ll find her chasing two precious little girls, batting eyelashes at her indulgent husband, or driving with the top down and the music up loud. Oh, and “researching” on the internet. Those half-naked men she uses for inspiration don’t download themselves.

She’d love to share her “research” with you too and get to know you a little better in the process. Find her blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media links at Be sure to sign up for her newsletter there too for snippets, upcoming releases, and author news.

If you enjoyed Unexpected Eden, Eryx and Lexi would sure appreciate it if you shared your review at Goodreads, Amazon, or other favorite online bookstore. Lexi would make you a mean cyber-cocktail in exchange if she didn’t have her hands full with Eryx, but rumor has it they haven’t left the royal suite in days. (@RhennaMorgan)

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Read an Excerpt from Erotic Urban Fantasy Novel ~ Cherry Blossom (Vampire Cherry, Book II) by Sotia Lazu

Cherry Blossom Details:

Cherry Blossom
Vampire Cherry, Book II
Sotia Lazu

Genre: Erotic Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Acelette Press
Date of Publication: 18 December 2014

ISBN: 978-0692291986

Number of pages: 228
Word Count: 59,120

Cover Artist: Sotia Lazu

About Cherry Blossom:

With her murderous maker still on the run, Cherry has enough on her mind even before her newly turned boyfriend, Alex, demands they meet each other's parents. Constantine, her ex and now member of the vampire council, is suspiciously quick to allow this breach of vampire law. It soon becomes clear there's a lot Cherry doesn't know about her family's past.

And it's threatening her present and her future.

Alex is changing, Ádísa is dead but not as gone as she should be, and feelings forced aside are reconsidered. Back in her hometown, and faced with an overabundance of new information, Cherry is determined to fight for herself, her family, and her man.

That's when her world is turned upside down.


Here's An Excerpt to Pique Your Interest:

“There has been a possible sighting of Willoughby.” Constantine motioned at Liza, and she hurried to refill his teacup.


“I can’t say more at this time, but you should be getting ready for a trip at short notice,” he said.

Alex nodded, unperturbed as always by Constantine’s exaggerated air of mystery.

I wasn’t that big a person. “You got us out of bed to tell us someone’s seen the bad guy, but not who or where? What’s next?” I deepened my voice to a basso. “It will rain one day in the near or distant future.” In my normal pitch, I asked, “Was that doomsday-worthy enough for you?”

“Cherry, this is all I can tell you right now. You have to trust me. What matters is we may have a clue as to his surroundings, if not his intentions.”

“A clue you won’t share with the class.”

“I’m sure he’ll tell us more when he knows more.” Alex placed one hand over mine, which I’d apparently fisted without realizing it. His effort at soothing me had the opposite result.

“He knows more now.” I locked my gaze on Constantine’s. “Don’t you?”

Constantine shook his head and smiled ruefully. “When did you become so cynical?”

I scrunched my face in mock concentration, then widened my eyes. “I know! Must have been about the same time I found out you’d been lying to me for years, and our entire relationship was a sham. Yup, that was the exact moment.”

His eyes were a stormy midnight blue that usually meant anger or extreme pain. Yes, the man came with preinstalled mood-rings on his face.

I wasn’t being fair. His maker had appointed him my sponsor. She wanted me to fall for him, and it hadn’t taken long for that to happen. But at the time, Constantine didn’t know Ádísa had ordered my turning. And contrary to her wishes, he’d really loved me in return. Just weeks ago, he insisted he still did.

Liza walked up behind Constantine, and laid both hands on his shoulders. Until that moment, I’d only thought of her as Head Concubine. I’d assumed all they shared was sex and blood. Apparently, I’d been at least partially wrong there.

How well she knew him astounded me. Even though Constantine’s posture didn’t change, Liza noticed the subtle increase of tension in his body, just like I did. Thing was, I couldn’t tell if Constantine’s discomfort was out of guilt over the lies he’d told me in the past—for which he’d atoned by killing his own maker—or because he really knew more about Willoughby than he let on.

I didn’t want it to be the latter. Not when he’d been regaining my trust. My stomach clenched at the possibility. Instead of asking him, I said, “Fine, be mysterious. But while we’re here, can you remind Alex we’re not supposed to keep in touch with our families?” Might as well get one problem out of the way.

The tiny lines of tension around Constantine’s eyes smoothed out, and his jaw relaxed. Was it me, or did my ex seem relieved by my change of subject?

Before Constantine could speak, Alex piped in. “I want Cherry and me to meet each other’s folks. I know it’s not something vampires do, but I’m still alive as far as my mother knows, and I don’t see how Cherry’s family would be anything but ecstatic to see her again. She was never declared dead, just missing, so she can tell them she was off finding herself or something.”

I didn’t expect the matter-of-fact way he’d presented his case to do him any good. What he was asking went against council policy. No way would Constantine condone it.

Constantine smiled, his irises now faded to their normal light blue. “We have been doing things our own way for a while now.” He shrugged, apparently oblivious to how my mouth gaped at his response. “I don’t see why you shouldn’t do as you please, as long as you’re careful. I will, however, be joining you when you visit Cherry’s parents. As a precautionary measure, in case things go awry. I’ll have to make some arrangements first, but we should be able to leave by the end of the week.”

It was obvious from Alex’s eager expression that he’d go along with anything to get the go-ahead for his silly fantasy. I didn’t exactly view things the same way. It was weird how readily Constantine had agreed.

“Precautionary measure?” I asked. “You plan to mind-wipe them, if our little reunion is threatening to the vampire community?” Meaning if my parents somehow realized I was undead, freaked out, and threatened to tell the world about our existence.

The look he gave me was full of scorn. “No.” The word sounded like it was mentally accompanied by several non-flattering adjectives. “What I had in mind was that you’ll have a member of the council with you, in case another vampire realizes what you’re up to. My presence will make your visit legitimate.” I could swear I heard him finish his sentence in my head with, “You idiot.”

“Oh.” Because, what else could I say? He only had our best interest at heart, and I really should stop being so suspicious of him. If he said it was all right, it probably was. “Okay then, I guess.”

Constantine grinned. “Besides, a road trip with just the three of us? Think how much fun it will be.”

Yeah, he was hiding something, all right. All this cheer wasn’t normal. “What’s in it for you?” I asked.

“Just the pleasure of your company.” His mocking tone and arched eyebrow didn’t exactly vouch for his sincerity.

Book Can Be Found At These Online Retailers:

Amazon Cherry Blossom (Vampire Cherry Book 2)




Smashwords Cherry Blossom


About the Author:

Sotia’s making do with Greek reality, while writing and mostly thinking in English.

She loves romances with a twist and urban fantasy novels, always with vivid erotic elements. Her favorite characters to write are not conventional hero-material at first glance, and she enjoys making them fight for their happiness.

Sotia shares her life and living quarters with her husband, their son, and two rescue dogs, one of which may be part-pony. Sappy movies make her bawl like a baby, and she wishes she could take in all the stray dogs in the world.

Also, she hates mornings!

Find Sotia Online:


Giveaway Details & Entry Form:

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3 ebook copies of Cherry Stem (Book I) 

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Book Promo: Three Strikes by Anya Richards

Title: Three Strikes Promo
Author: Anya Richards

Genre(s): MM Gay Erotic Romance Contemporary, Police, Interracial

Book Type: Novella 

Word Count: 45,000

Heat Index: Scorching

About Three Strikes:

Two lonely men. One secret affair. Irresistible passion that will push them both to the breaking point, and beyond. 

A knife attack left ex-Jamaican Posse member Vincent Williams scarred and also made him re-evaluate his life. He’s out of the gang and also the closet but lonely, yet to meet a man who’s interested in more than a one-and-done, a brief sexual encounter. 

Because of his career as a police officer, Sergeant Kyle Pictou is afraid of coming out. Normally he doesn’t get involved with anyone close to home, but something about Vincent compels him to take a chance. It’s just sex, after all. Yet, as desire evolves into friendship and seemingly boundless passion, it’s Kyle who’s left wanting more—though he knows he can’t have it.

Purchase Your Copy:

GRU Publishing:

About the Author:

After living a checkered past, and despite an avowed disinterest in domesticity, multi-published erotic romance author Anya Richards moved from Jamaica to settle in Ontario, Canada, with husband, kids, an adorable pup and a couple of cats that plot world domination, one food bowl at a time. Her slightly darker alter-ego, Anya Delvay, emerges occasionally to write erotica.

Interested in all things historical and hysterical, Anya describes herself as intensely curious, (although the word ‘nosy’ has been bandied about) and a life-long people-watcher. Using what she’s discovered about people, places and various weird and wonderful things, Anya has written contemporary, historical and paranormal/fantasy romance novels, novellas and short stories for multiple publishers. She's also dipping her toes into the self-publishing market, so watch out world :)

Anya's books can be found at the following online locations:

Cover Release ~ Outlaw's Kiss Grizzlies MC Romance (Outlaw Love) by Nicole Snow

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for Outlaw's Kiss - releasing tomorrow from Ice Lips Press!!

Book Details:

Outlaw's Kiss Grizzlies MC Romance

Series: Outlaw Love

By: Nicole Snow

Publication Date: December 29, 2014

Publisher: Ice Lips Press

Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations

About Outlaw's Kiss:



The dirty little secret dad left in the basement was supposed to be our salvation. Guess nobody told him you don't take cash from killers without savage consequences. Now, the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club owns my sister and I. We're only alive because the rugged hulk with the piercing eyes who won't stop ordering me around says so. He saved us, but he's also an enigma I don't understand. Why does he keep calling me his old lady? Is he really the light to our darkness? And why the hell can't I stop thinking nasty, shameful things about ending up underneath his wicked tattoos and crude lips? 


I claimed her on impulse, and all my brothers laughed. Didn't know I'd end up with a smoking hot spitfire who looks at me like I'm the devil himself. I expected my reputation to crack, but my damned mind's going with it. She's got me questioning my own club and asking myself every single day how long I can keep my hands off her. It was only pretend, a way to keep her safe. But I can't ignore the very real brutality, corruption, and danger stalking us. Just like I can't forget the storm in my blood that won't stop howling 'til she's wearing my brand and bracing for my kiss. Play time's over. Missy's gonna be my old lady – no more faking it – and nothing's standing in my way... 

The Outlaw Love books are stand alone romance novels featuring unique lovers and happy endings. 

No cliffhangers! This is Brass and Missy's story, first in the Grizzlies MC series. 

Here's the Smokin' Hot Cover for Outlaw's Kiss: 

Available Dec 29 for purchase at Amazon -

About the Author:

Nicole Snow is a sweet, unassuming young woman. You'd never suspect the deeply sensual, sometimes depraved fantasies raging behind her eyes. 

She started writing erotica to escape the boring drudgery of a desk job. In fiction, there are no rules and no boundaries. Everything is on the table, no matter how forbidden. She's currently known for the bestselling Prairie Devils/Outlaw Love motorcycle club series. Today, Nicole serves up some of the bestselling erotica and erotic romance on the shelves. 

Find Nicole Online:

Smoking Hot Revamped Cover & Brand New Title: Santa Genie by Jamie K. Schmidt

Welcome to the blog tour for newly renamed Santa Genie (previously Out of Space Convertible) that also has a new, updated cover.

Here is What Santa Genie is All About:

Melody is a security guard working the night shift on Christmas Eve. Her husband left her for a black jack dealer after embezzling a quarter of a million dollars. Not only is she getting visits from the mob, but also from a sexy djinn -- who happened to be married to the black jack dealer. In exchange for wishing to find the errant couple who fled the country, taking his daughter on the lam, Curtis agrees to grant Melody two more wishes.

Book Details:

Title: Santa Genie

Author: Jamie K. Schmidt

Genre(s): Fantasy, Holidays, M/F, Paranormal, Winter Holidays, Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-61937-582-6

Publisher: Musa Publishing, LLC

Imprint: Calliope (Holiday Romance)

Read an Excerpt:

“I’m not one of Santa’s elves,” he said.

“Don’t care,” she muttered, with a hitch to her words. He was warm and huggable. He smelled like being home for Christmas in her pajamas instead of standing in the executive lounge in her work clothes.

He held her close and rocked a bit. “I’m a genie.”

“I thought you said your name was Curtis?”

More Information & Purchase Links Available at Musa Publishing:

Amazon Purchase Link:  Santa Genie

Find the Author Online:

Jamie K. Schmidt

For review copies or to arrange an interview, blog visit, or event with the author please contact Amber M. Promotions Specialist and Media Contact at Musa Publishing
or Sapphyria's Book Promotions

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Free eBook Tour: Unexpected Gifts: (The Steamy Version) by Elena Aitken

Let it snow with a hot, sexy contemporary romance!

Book Details:

Unexpected Gifts: (The Steamy Version)

by Elena Aitken

Genre: Holiday Romance

About Unexpected Gifts:

Cozy up to the Castle Mountain Lodge in the middle of the remote Canadian Rockies for Unexpected Gifts. 

Christmas represents everything Andi Williams is supposed to have, and doesn't. Running away to a remote mountain lodge in the Canadian Rockies sounds like the perfect way to escape, until a mix-up finds her sharing a villa with sexy, rough around the edges, Colin Hartford. 

Colin's determination to enjoy the holiday he's missed for the last five years sweeps Andi into a season of joy that she's not sure she's ready for. Can Andi open herself up to everything the holidays have to offer...including love? 

~A hot, contemporary romance~ 

Displaying 71GswIc5UbL._SL1280_.jpg

Purchase Links:

About the Author:

Displaying 41EB6oMUAtL._UX250_.jpg

Like a lot of my readers, I'm a busy mom. It often feels like life is pulling us in a million different directions, which is why I love to write romance!

There's nothing better than knowing you have an escape waiting for you at the end of a long day in the form of a good book. 

I'm lucky enough to live in the shadow of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the foothills of Alberta, where I can write the stories I love. Whenever I get the chance, I escape into those amazing mountains and I can usually be found sitting with my feet in the lake, working on my next book. 

As well as contemporary romance novels, I also like to write women's fiction and my collection of stand alone novels are all part of the Escape Collection. I'm always trying something new, so stay tuned to see what's next! 

I LOVE to hear from my readers! Please sign up for my newsletter at (link on website) so you can stay up to date on my latest releases. Plus there's a link to an exclusive free short story! 

Connect with me on Facebook: 

Twitter: @elenaaitken 

Or send me an email:

Read an Excerpt & Enter the Giveaway: Bear and Bear Alike (Blackwood Brothers, Book Three) by Marie Mason

Book Details:
(You have to quit drooling over the cover before you can read them - please use a napkin and not your sleeve)

Bear and Bear Alike
Blackwood Brothers, Book Three
Marie Mason

Genre: paranormal, romantic erotica,
bbw romance, werewolves, shifters

Date of Publication: November 17, 2014

Word Count: 70,000

About Bear and Bear a Like:

Ryland and Ryker Blackwood were twins. Identical, thigh clenching bear shifter twins who had no trouble getting women into their beds. Or bed. They’d shared just about everything in life, even women.

The scent of the cat shifter they found on their construction site was driving both Blackwood brothers crazy with lust. Or was it? Every time they thought they were getting closer to finding the woman who would be their mate, one of their bears backed away. The hot and cold feeling they were getting from their animals was confusing the shit out of them.

Was the cat shifter meant for one of them or both of them?

Read an Excerpt:

They were mates, but mates who knew almost nothing about each other. Ryland knew better than to rush her, so he eased into the kiss, tilting her head and aligning their mouths. His bear huffed at each hitch and shudder of her breath as he deepened their connection. His senses were attuned to every subtle movement her body made in response to his touch and he gloried in the shiver that ran though her and the softening of her body as she gave into her needs and leaned into him.

He finally gave into the temptation and swept his tongue into her mouth to taste. He sipped at her mouth, letting the flavors of his mate collide on his tongue, ensuring that he would never forget her. He’d thought he’d known what to expect. Strength. She had that in spades. Caution. Sweetness. Innocence. Passion. Orange blossoms and honey. Her taste exploded in his mouth.

The heat grew with each velvet slide of his tongue over hers. He smiled into the kiss when her hand rose and fisted in his hair. He obeyed the command behind the gesture to deepen the kiss, to drive them both a little crazy, and closer to the edge. The edge of no return where he took his mate, fucked her wet pussy and branded her as his.

She offered no resistance as he plundered her mouth. He thrust his tongue between her parted lips and took what he wanted. He licked at the roof of her mouth, skimming the along the row of her teeth before dipping down deep inside again. Finally, her tongue came out to tangle with his.

Emma knew she would soon be a goner. The feel of his mouth and tongue was doing wonderful things to her body. Her pussy moistened and her nipples pebbled and hardened. Goodness, how she wanted him. And she couldn’t have him. She tried to ease away, to break off the kiss but he growled and she sank back into his heat.

Why couldn’t she have this moment? This night?

Body shaking, she pulled back from the kiss. Kiss, huh. That was too tame of a description for what they had just shared. His lips were wet and moist, and redden. She knew if she looked in a mirror, hers would look the same. She licked her bottom lip, her tongue finding the slight cut where he had scraped it with his teeth.

“I, umm.” Not only did her legs feel like wet noodles, but her brain was fried from the heat of their passion. Ryker’s smile was smug. No doubt he could smell the arousal he’d created as well as see the effect of his touch. Her eyes were dilated and her body was shivering. She wanted him and he knew it. He continued to smile as he ushered her up the stairs. Two more flights and they were in front of the apartment.

Purchase at Amazon:

About the Author:

Marie Mason has loved writing and reading her whole life. Everyone knows when you start to hear voices in your head, you’er destined to be admitted to the nearest mental ward—or become a writer. Marie decided to become writer instead of waiting for the men in white coats to come carry her away. She loves books about alpha males and especially alpha males who just happened to be a demon, wolf or a bear.

Find Marie Online:

Enter the Giveaway:

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New Title & New Cover Blog Tour: Santa Genie by Jamie K. Schmidt

Musa Publishing is happy to announce the new name and reveal the new cover of Santa Genie (previously Out of Space Convertible).

Book Details:

Title: Santa Genie

Author: Jamie K. Schmidt

Genre(s): Fantasy, Holidays, M/F, Paranormal, Winter Holidays, Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-61937-582-6

Publisher: Musa Publishing, LLC

Imprint: Calliope (Holiday Romance)

Read an Excerpt:

“I’m not one of Santa’s elves,” he said.

“Don’t care,” she muttered, with a hitch to her words. He was warm and huggable. He smelled like being home for Christmas in her pajamas instead of standing in the executive lounge in her work clothes.

He held her close and rocked a bit. “I’m a genie.”

“I thought you said your name was Curtis?”

More Information & Purchase Links Available at Musa Publishing:

Amazon Purchase Link:  Santa Genie

About Santa Genie:

Melody is a security guard working the night shift on Christmas Eve. Her husband left her for a black jack dealer after embezzling a quarter of a million dollars. Not only is she getting visits from the mob, but also from a sexy djinn -- who happened to be married to the black jack dealer. In exchange for wishing to find the errant couple who fled the country, taking his daughter on the lam, Curtis agrees to grant Melody two more wishes.

Find the Author Online:

Jamie K. Schmidt

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Still Looking for Hosts: Santa Genie by Jamie K. Schmidt

Still Looking for Hosts 

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December 22 -31, 2014 (including weekends)
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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lion's Need by Anya Richards, a MM Historical / Fantasy / Mythology / Shifter Novel

Book Details:

Lion's Need

Anya Richards

Genre: MM Historical / Fantasy / Mythology / Shifter

Release Date: 12/10/2014 

Word Count 29,500

Heat Index: Scorching

Displaying 10744576_637280653060116_1052979670_n.jpg

About Lion's Need:

Freed by his master, running for his life toward a new beginning, Androcles takes refuge from a wolf pack in a cave, not realizing it is already occupied…by a wounded lion. While self-preservation tells him to flee, the majestic animal’s pain makes him hesitate, and when the beast transforms into an equally magnificent man, Androcles knows he has to render aid.

Thus begins a new adventure for the man seeking only autonomy and a place of his own in the world. In Okyin Androcles sees everything he is running from—a man-beast who could, with passion and his commanding presence, easily enslave another. A masterful lover able to seduce Androcles into wanting whatever he can get, even into wanting what he cannot have—or should not even desire. A superior being who causes the lines between freedom and slavery to blur, and causes a true crisis to an already damaged spirit. 

Unable to believe in the peace and sanctuary Okyin offers, Androcles knows he has no choice but to once more flee. For personal liberty is more important than physical need, and the desire to be accepted as an equal overrides all passion. Even if when running away he leaves his heart behind. 

Meet Anya:

After living a checkered past, and despite an avowed disinterest in domesticity, multi-published erotic romance author Anya Richards settled in Ontario, Canada, with husband, kids, an adorable pup and two cats that plots world domination, one food bowl at a time. Her slightly darker alter-ego, Anya Delvay, emerges occasionally to write erotica.

Interested in all things historical and hysterical, Anya describes herself as intensely curious, (although the word ‘nosy’ has been bandied about) and a life-long people-watcher. Using what she’s discovered about people, places and various weird and wonderful things, Anya has written contemporary, historical and paranormal/fantasy romance novels, novellas and short stories for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Cleis Press and Spice Briefs. 

To find out more, please drop by Anya’s website at, follow her on Twitter or like her on Facebook. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Warmers Sale by Felicity Heaton ~~ 4 Free Books & 6 Priced at #99cents Each

It’s that time of year again where we look forward to the holidays and a new year, and what better way to celebrate and relax than with FOUR FREE books and SIX 99c / 99p books?

That’s right, my Winter Warmers (or Summer Scorchers if you’re south of the equator) are back and this year I have some fantastic deals for you.

Not only can you get your hands on my usual four free paranormal romance ebooks, three of which are firsts in series and one of which is a seasonal offering perfect for the holidays, but you can also get six ebooks at incredible discounts for a limited time only. Those books will be just 99c or 99p until January 15th 2015, representing a total saving of $14 / £7, so be sure to check them out and grab them before the offer ends. And don’t forget to tell your book-addicted friends!

You can find all the links to your favourite retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Kobo Books, and discover more about the books over at my website:

Now, here’s more about each book that is on offer:

Discounted books include:

Kissed by a Dark Prince:

Olivia thinks it’s her lucky night when a dangerously handsome unconscious fae ends up on her inspection table. He’s her chance to redeem herself with her employer, the demon-hunting organisation, Archangel. But when the tall, dark and deadly immortal warrior awakes, she gets much more than she bargained for…


In Heat:

A heat wave isn't the only thing making London too hot for lawyer Kim. She's been spending each night with a man who sets her body and heart on fire. The problem? He's a man who always sprouts black fur and purrs, and he's only a dream. Walking into her office, the last thing she expects is to meet Erik, a man who sends her temperature soaring and who resembles her dream guy exactly. 

Her Fallen Angel:

Lukas is gorgeous and way out of Annelie's league, but when he confesses that he wants her, she can't resist his passionate kiss and seizes the moment, and Lukas, with both hands. But Lukas has a secret, one that will test Annelie's love for him and threaten to tear them apart. He's a fallen angel. Can she help him prove he didn't commit a terrible crime? Is she brave enough to love an angel? 


Callum has come to the city of romance on business, not pleasure, but when he sets eyes on a gorgeous werewolf in a nightclub, he can’t ignore the dark carnal craving she ignites in him. His work for Vampirerotique, the erotic theatre he runs with three other vampires, can wait. The only thing that matters now is satisfying his sinful hunger for a woman who most vampires would consider an enemy. 

Prophecy ~ Caelestis & Aurorea:

In a world of darkness and danger, Prophecy will fight to her limit to save the vampire she loves and stop a terrible evil from unleashing Hell on Earth. When her visions show her the dark path they must take, will Prophecy and Valentine be able to do what is necessary to win against the mounting threat of a mysterious enemy?


Hunter's Moon:

The horror of the night he failed to save his werewolf pack from the cruelty of their vampire masters has haunted Nicolae for one hundred years, driving him deep into the Canadian wilderness in search of peace. That peace is threatened when unfamiliar hunters and the scent of blood lead him to a beautiful vampire and a hard decision—face his past and help her or risk losing everyone again. 

Free books include: 

Prophecy ~ Child of Light:

A vampire unlike any other, Prophecy lives life in the dark until the night she encounters a sensual dark-haired vampire who is both her enemy and the man who will change her world forever. When she discovers her extraordinary destiny, will she be strong enough to embrace it and stop a deadly war from igniting?


Her Dark Angel:

Serenity is shocked when a gorgeous black-winged angel shows up in her city of Paris claiming that she called him when she was only casting a simple vengeance spell. He's no other than the angel of death! When Apollyon offers to obey her and help her have revenge on her cheating ex, she can't resist the temptation, but can she resist him? Can an angel ever fall for a mortal woman like her? 


Javier knows better than to succumb to his hunger for Lilah. The mortal female belongs to a powerful aristocrat patron of Vampirerotique, the theatre he runs with three other vampires. A single touch is all it would take to break the sacred law of his kind, sentencing himself to death, but his passion for her has become too fierce to ignore and he will risk everything to make Lilah his. 

Vampire for Christmas:

It was one last mission. Shannon, a hunter, is desperate to ditch the small town and her vampire partner, Rafe. Things are getting complicated and she wants out, but Rafe isn't about to let the woman he's fallen for go so easily. Can Rafe make her see that he loves her and make her face her feelings? Will a wish on a star bring Shannon what her heart truly desires--a vampire for Christmas?

About the Author:

Felicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try the best-selling Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series.

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

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